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Discovering unsuccessful on other CMS.

Occasional Contributor

Discovering unsuccessful on other CMS.


I have two HP-SIM CMS and i was discovering one of the windows server of mine. i was able to discover windows server for one of the my CMS but second CMS was not able to discover it.

I have used same WMI credentails and SNMP string but not sure why it didnt get discovered. Inserting target details of server for both CMS.

Please help me out on this.


Discovered One:


Not discovered One:

Not Discovered.PNGNot Discovered+1.PNG

Honored Contributor

Re: Discovering unsuccessful on other CMS.


I would say by looking at the logs both are broken. For the one that works
Did you try to delete the server and re-add the server. Was it identified as a server. If it was what protocols are shown when you look at the details for the server. For WBEM to work you need either an Admin account or you use your credentials to create a non Admin account for discovery by running a repair for your server.

If you need more info on the last option let me know. Also for HPSIM questions you could also post your question in the HP SIM forum here
Kind regards,