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Disk Thresholds

Joe Vogelsong
Occasional Contributor

Disk Thresholds

I am trying to set disk thresholds on a server from SIM and I get the error "Could not set the disk threshold, the agent did not accept the request."

I have checked and SIM is receiving SNMP traps from the server, I have also did a config/repair agents and let SIM create the read_write string on the server but I still cannot set the treshold.

SIM 5.3 and the server is running 8.26 management agents.

Any advice would be apperciated.

Joe Vogelsong
Occasional Contributor

Re: Disk Thresholds

I was able to reslove this by un-installing the WBEM providers on the server.

Disk thresholds are being set and the SMH is showing all system info like OS where it wasn't before.