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Does RSP/SIM capture events from MP logs?

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Ryan Bernard
Frequent Advisor

Does RSP/SIM capture events from MP logs?

Hi. From what I understand, RSP/SIM will be able to capture events from SFM / EMS? But does it capture events from MP logs?

Is it possible that a event seen in MP logs is not capture in OS logs (event.log)?

Maxim Revutskiy
Valued Contributor

Re: Does RSP/SIM capture events from MP logs?

MP have it's own SNMP settings (Administration -> SNMP settings) Set them to SIM server, any you'll MP events.
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Does RSP/SIM capture events from MP logs?

Not all MPs support sending traps to the CMS. Furthermore, on those that do (iLO2), I didn't find any "test" trap function to actually try it out and see what it does. I also had trouble with the iLO2 that doesn't support community strings with special characters, which contradicts the SNMP RFCs.

I threw the towel trying to integrate the MPs. If something goes really wrong, the server will stop pinging. :)

Normally, if there's a system panic or hardware trouble, as long as HP-UX reboots or manages to stay up, SFM will trap the event. I've seen extensive hardware events be described correctly by SFM after the fact. Getting the events to the CMS requires WEBES and SIM to have a WBEM subscription on that system.