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EMSwrapper error

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Frequent Advisor

EMSwrapper error


I need some help T.S. connecting hp-ux to RSP.

I installed new RSP system .

Most systems are hp-ux 11.11 K class.

When trying the send_test_event disk_em

I got nothing on my hpsim / webes .

cimprovider -s -l show the SFMproviderModule
cimprovider -m -l SFMproviderMoudle show the

the output of ps -ef | grep cim gives:

cimsrvr 2119 2118 0 15:30:33 ? 1:50 cimservermain --executor-socket 5
root 2138 2118 0 15:30:44 ? 0:13 /opt/wbem/lbin/cimprovagt 0 5 10 root SFMProviderModule
root 2118 1 0 15:30:33 ? 0:02 /opt/wbem/lbin/cimserver
root 4035 1 0 15:35:59 ? 0:00 /opt/wbem/lbin/cimserverd

& the sfm.log file output :

14:20:14 EMSWrapper ERROR 15795 9 Unable to register /system/events/cpu/lpmc

04/07/09 14:25:20 EMSWrapper ERROR 15795 9 Unable to register /system/events/cpu/lpmc

04/07/09 14:30:25 EMSWrapper ERROR 15795 9 Unable to register /system/events/cpu/lpmc

04/07/09 14:35:31 EMSWrapper ERROR 15795 9 Unable to register /system/events/cpu/lpmc

04/07/09 14:40:23 EMSWrapper CRITICAL 15795 1 Error in RMWrapper call.

Thank in Advance.


Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: EMSwrapper error

Did you subscribe to WBEM events for this server in SIM?

Run this on your HP-UX server:

# evweb subscribe -L -b external

You must see two subscriptions, one named HPSIM_xxx and the other one, HPWEBES_xxxx

If it still fails, there is an excellent howto to set up everything on HP-UX that I found here:

Frequent Advisor

Re: EMSwrapper error

Thank for your quick response.

I will try it !!