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ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

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ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

I have 3 ESX nodes in a cluster, each with warranty coverage that were entitled for remote support. Today when I logged in I noticed that these have dissapeared from the entitlement list.

Any ideas?

ICE 6.3
ESXi 4.1 (installed from HP iso with all management agents)
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

This is for ESX but you might check this in the edit system properties page.

Within the Edit System Properties page for the end device add either whitespace or " Server" after the "VMware ESX" text in the "Operation system description" field and then hit "Ok" at the bottom of the page to save the update.

Then run a "Synchronize RSE" on the RSCS Entitlement tab.

Does the node still show WBEM as a managment protocol?


Re: ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

Thank you for the quick response...

Each of the ESXi nodes has a question mark next to WBEM under the health status, but adding "Server" to the end of the operating system description fixed the problem. They now show up in the entitlement list.
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

I am still a bit concerned that WBEM may not be not responding. This is the management protocol needed to send events.

Did you perhaps change the password you were using for WBEM? When you do an indentify you should see the node respond to the WBEM protocol.

If you have not done so already, you will also need to subscribe to WBEM events under option>events.

There is no way that I know of to do an end to end test short of pulling a power cable unfortunately

Re: ESX nodes dissapeared from Entitlement list

Here is the output I get when I try to subscribe to WBEM events:

Create Subscriptions for:
FAILED to create indication subscription.

Cause: Subscription infrastructure is not present or corrupted

Recommended Action: Update or reinstall the HP WBEM providers

Are the WBEM providers included in the ESXi iso published by HP?