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EVA Alerting and Auto Case Creation

Thomas Plier
Occasional Contributor

EVA Alerting and Auto Case Creation

This is a two part post.

Part 1:

We have a new installation of HP SIM (v. 5.3 w/ SP1). We would like to get paged for all EVA 5000 events such as disk failures, controller issues, etc. We had a disk fail yesterday and I received an email because I am getting emailed for all CRITICAL events, but my alert did not work for my pager for EVA events. The reason I am breaking this up, is that I do not want to get paged for HP Software updates needed which also fall under the critical event.

Part 2:

When this hard drive failed, I did not get a case created automatically, like I do with our servers. Our EVA is under warranty and is listed in the OSEM interface.

If anyone could help with either parts of this post, I would be very grateful!