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EVA DataCollection will not been sent to HP

Patrick Pletscher
Occasional Visitor

EVA DataCollection will not been sent to HP

Hello all

After upgrading some IRS installations to the latest version, I phase the problem that the EVA datacollection is not sent anymore to HP.

I found some information about how to start the collection, with the ucadmin:

C:\Program Files\HP\UnifiedCollector>ucadmin collect Storage_Configuration_Colle
ction -name EVA3000
CollectionID returned is 90abd915ffab11de9a22a59c9eb17bde

I could also find this collection, but now why to force the sending of the datacollection.

Is there any documentation about this RSCC? And troubleshooting guide?

Thanks for any hint.

Best regards

Viktor Balogh
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA DataCollection will not been sent to HP

kurt Skjold Johannessen_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA DataCollection will not been sent to HP

Hi Patrick

1st I asume that you have installed the standard IRS solution

How have you verified that the collections are not sent to HP ??

Are you asuming that an ISEEDATA incident wil be logged. ??

Basically what I have discoverred when I run the UCADMIN command a collection ID is generated and the collection is sent directly to HP at that point.

Basicalyl I called in to HP and for each UCADMIN collect command i fired off a collection was seen by the HP support in the back end.

Which seems to indicate that the colelctions are arriving without an ISEEDATA event being generated.

In you case you also had a local collection so everything seems fine.

BEWARE you can run the command and get the collection ID while no collection is created.

This is most often the case when the hosting server has not got a supported serial number and product ID in WEBES


Kurt Johannessen