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End-to-end errors

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Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

End-to-end errors

2 of my customers have seen a new batch of E-2-E errors since installation on Friday. Has anyone else experienced this? Was there a new patch that came out with the sync that they did on Friday? This is Webes 5.5 patch 1 I thought but there was a webes update done when it synched up with HP.
Michael Wyant
Trusted Contributor

Re: End-to-end errors

Alice, there are two fixes that resolve this most of the time. The first is, open System Event Analyzer and go to the 6th Icon in the second group above, the yellow triangle with the ? in the middle, make sure that the WEBES Log Notification is turned "on". The second fix is to open a command prompt and enter the following commands:
1. Go to the prompt and issue:
ï § desta dri add SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds
ï § desta dri set SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds 57600
ï § net stop desta_service
ï § net stop wccproxy
2. Right click on My Computer -> Manage, go to Application log file, clear the log and make sure that the maximum log size is 8-16mb.
3. Go to the prompt again and issue:
ï § net start wccproxy
ï § net start desta_service

If you perform both fixes you will probably resolve this.

Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

Re: End-to-end errors

Mike, thanks-I found those fixes yesterday and that fixed the issue. Wonderful!
Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

Re: End-to-end errors

This procedure worked for the short term. My customer replies that when he reboots after maintenance, he has to go through the process all over again since it causes him to have the E2E errors again. I was hoping for a more long-term solution for this.


Re: End-to-end errors


what is the version of the WEBES?

If the version is 5.5 with patch1 then follow the below process.

Enable log , which by default is turned off due to a coding issue with the RSS configuration:
DOS>wsea status
DOS>wsea log prob on
DOS>wsea status

NOTE: Compare and check that the following has changed to enabled.
WSEA Information:

System Event Analyzer for Windows V5.5 (Build 61)
Service Tools Home: C:\Program Files\HP\svctools Service Obligation Start Date: Mon Apr 27 09:41:24 CDT 2009
Service Obligation End Date: Tue Apr 27 09:41:24 CDT 2010
ACHS/SICL/DSNlink notification: disabled.
OSEM/CSG/QSAP notification: disabled.
ISEE notification: enabled.
HPSIM notification: disabled.
MOM notification: disabled.
SNMP notification: disabled.
DTCS notification: disabled.
SMTP notification: enabled.
LOG notification: disabled. <----- needs to be enabled.
INDICTMENT notification: disabled.
EVT notification: enabled.
VMSMAIL notification: disabled.