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Entitlement_Check stays QUEUED

Ibnelhaj Fouad
Occasional Advisor

Entitlement_Check stays QUEUED

I have installed a new SPOP - the customer has a proxy - but I can access without any problem. I installed some vms clients and filled in the entitlement. The problem is that all the three incidents Entitlement_Check, ISEE_Connectivity and New_Installation stays queued. here is an example:

HP Support ID (WFM ID):
Contact: Zakaria Benghazal
Incident Key: 1554620793_1$ourika
Status: QUEUED
Description: Entitlement_Check
Created: Tue Sep 21 17:30:41 2004
Assigned To:

In the history:

Incident History:

Tue Sep 21 17:30:41 2004--- Incident created
Tue Sep 21 17:30:41 2004--- Action: Default System Information Diagnostic
Tue Sep 21 17:30:54 2004--- Action: ISEE_Entitlement_Check
Tue Sep 21 17:31:05 2004--- Incident submitted

Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: Entitlement_Check stays QUEUED

As you probably know, the queued state simple means an incident has been forwarded to the appropriate support center team for processing. I speculate there may be some entitlement issue they need to resolve with the customer. If that is the case the customer's primary contact should have received e-mail notification by now.

Take care,
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