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Entitlement Information in RSP Client

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Entitlement Information in RSP Client


I have a strange SIM/RSP problem. I installed SIM 5.3 and RSP 5.20.

The normal Warranty Check works fine - I get all Information. But when I go to Options -> Remote Support Configuration and Services -> Entitlement in the row ENT I get only yellow flags (RS is green). When I click on the yellow flag I see the main Informations (Product-No, Serial-No, Hostname and Country Code) and below them:

Retrieved Entitlement Details

After that I have a link:
run remote support entitlement check now

And when I use the link and make a refresh I get the same again!!

Have anyone an idea?

Best regards
Armin Kunaschik
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Entitlement Information in RSP Client

From my experience you probably missed some important data. You need to have at least a system serial, a product number, (maybe) a support agreement id, system country code, site informtion and customer data.
Very frequently the product number is not discovered automatically.

My 2 cents,

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And now for something completely different...

Re: Entitlement Information in RSP Client

Thank you for your answers.

But these information (serial-No, Product-No, country code, Site name and Primary customer contact) are there!!

The normal warranty check get all information and the RS row is green.

Dominic Schoehl
Occasional Advisor

Re: Entitlement Information in RSP Client

Hello Marcus,

is "Transport Enabled" for the specific device? If not, the Entitlement will fail.

Enable Transport and then re-run the entitlement check.


Re: Entitlement Information in RSP Client

Sorry - I am late with my response ...

@Dominic: You are so right - TE solved the problem. There was I blind!!

Thank you!

Best regards Marcus