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Entitlement and Product IDs

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Entitlement and Product IDs

Hello, I am seeing many of the following in RSP due to missing product ids:


NOTE: There is a mismatch between the configured data and the data retrieved by HP. Please validate the data on your HP Support Contract and if the problem persists contact your local HP Contract Administrator.


What is the best way for resolving? Searching and inputing the product IDs manually would really suck.

Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: Entitlement and Product IDs

If you have a large number of servers you can use the batchupload tool. There are instructions in the CMS configuration guide for RSA to use this tool.

What you would do is to export your SIM configuration. This will crest a csv file with many attributes including the serial number product ID fields, contact and location fields,,,,,,,,

You can edit this file "adding the product ID's" and then import it back into SIM. This will save you from having to each node edit system properties pages and doing these one at a time.