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Entitlement issue RSP

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Entitlement issue RSP

I have the latest version of RSP and trying to get it to report warranty information on my HP server. I also have the HP SIM install along side it. For some reason I am getting a message back stating that I am not entitled to warranty info. I need to sovle this for my employer.


Thanks for any assistance.


Re: Entitlement issue RSP

Hi - when you say the latest version - I suppose you mean Insigh RS v7.05?  Regardless of the version, for events to automatically create a case, the device has to entitle.  To do this you can enter the Service Agreement ID (SAID) and run an entitlement check.  For the entitlement back end to find the correct entitlement, you must enter at least two of three pieces of information, namely the serial number, product number and/or the SAID or contract identifier.  With Warranty you will need at least the serial number/product number combination - otherwise the entitlement check won't work - as the serial number on its own is not sufficient to uniquely identify the device.

Once this is re-entered - you can run an entitlement check to see if the entitlement backend has found a valid warranty or contract.  If this fails - you can double check the details on the device itself (if not electronically retrieved) and re-run the entitlement check.

It may be that the main board has been changed and the correct information was not entered into the memory - again - you can correct this and rerun the entitlement check


Hope this helps!



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