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Entitlement section missing

Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Entitlement section missing

After a fresh install of ISEE, I don't get entitlement section during configuration.
/var/opt/hpservices/log/mad.log shows:

040105 18:32:23.011 ERROR,[Swizzler] Synchronize with server failed: (download.cpp:723) bad HTTP response: 503
040105 18:32:24.568 ERROR,[Comm] comm.cpp:861 NetworkException (16): (download.cpp:1441) bad HTTP response: 503

040105 18:32:24.568 ERROR,[Comm] Comm::sendStatistics /opt/hpservices/mqueue/ST0003_STAT_HP_Services.mot failed
040105 18:32:24.615 ERROR,[Comm] sendReceive FAILED
040105 18:32:24.615 ERROR,[Comm] NetworkException (16): (download.cpp:1441) bad HTTP response: 503

I'm pretty sure that proxy is correctly configured (I have other ISEE installations working well).
Any help?
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: Entitlement section missing


The failure to display entitlement fields during initial ISEE configuration is a common mode of failure, with numerous possible causes. As I expect you know the ... HTTP response: 503 means the Service is unavailable. So as a first step to diagnose the issue I would suggest that you browse to the ISEE content server directly from the host on which you are trying to reinstall ISEE. The URL would be:

Where region is: americas, europe, or asiapac.

Note: If the host does not support a browser then you can use a browser on a pc located on the SAME subnet as the host.

If you can't reach the content server the next thing to do is try nslookup -- again from the host. Frequently, the issue can be traced to name resolution. If the name doesn't resolve make an entry in the /etc/hosts file (if the host supports a host file), or check DNS.

If nslookup succeeds I would suspect proxy issues.

If you can reach the content server ... try to entitle the host again! Frequently, the entitlement issue you are seeing is caused transitory problems in reaching the entitlement service (too many causes to detail here). But, most of these entitlement problems simply disappear when you try again. Just close out the browser session you were using to configure ISEE. Open another instance of the browser and browse back to the host, and then select 'configuration options' from the navigation panel. Another ISEE form will open and select 'company' on that form's navigation panel. This should take you to the entitlement entry section.

I think that should get you started, and most likely will resolve your entitlement issue. If NOT please post again -- because there are more things you can do to resolve the issue.

One thing you should NOT do (now at least) is remove and re-install ISEE from the host. Waste of your time at this point.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.
Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Re: Entitlement section missing

It was a proxy configuration problem.
I use Squid and I had a security setting aimed to avoid tunnelling through HTTPS connections.
I needed to disable it :-(