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Entitling VMWare CMS

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Entitling VMWare CMS


Im have trouble entitling my VMWare CMS (WIN 2008 R2) in Remote Support Configration and Services. I have installed HPSI 6.2 and using RSA 5.5. I have changed the folowing on the VMWare CMS in system properties:
System subtype 1: HP Proliant
Product Model: Proliant

as specified in config & usage guide

I have managed to entitle other Proliant servers succesfully but haveing trouble entitling the CMS which is a VMVare guest

any ideas?
Brad Cunningham
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Re: Entitling VMWare CMS

The virtual CMS will not entitle because by default it has no serial number or product ID. You could enter the information for the hosting ESX server in the Contract and Warranty area for entitlement under the Tools and Links tab. You would also need to modify an attribute "subtype" to something like HP Prliant so the CMS will pass the business logic rule and let the CMS be passed on to the entitlement tab under options>remote support and configuration This would let the CMS entitle but since there are no diagnostics on the guest you would never see a hardware event.

Last of all make sure you have a system defined in the default group in WEBES. Normally this is the CMS but since it was not intially identified as a system to be monitored there may be no systems defined in the default group in WEBES. There needs to be at least one systems defined in this area.


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Re: Entitling VMWare CMS

Thanks Brad. That seems to have worked.

Did a test on pulling out the Power Supply and it seems to have raised a Service Event but noticed it was a Severity critical type 4 event. In the preivous version these were being raiased as Major events, has there been a change or am i missing something?

In the Event details the service Event Source now also says its "WEBES" and not "Remote Support" as before