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Error browsing packages in RSSM


Error browsing packages in RSSM


When I go into the packages section of RSSM I get the following error

"Configuration Server Error: a service with a duplicate id was encountered; please contact support."

I dont really have much in the way of understanding of this application. I installed it so that I could get contract and warranty status for my production servers (I imagine it does a lot more, but anyway...). I have the update policy in RSSM set to automatic because I figured that way it would manage itself but something seems to have gone wrong somewhere.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer!


Regular Advisor

Re: Error browsing packages in RSSM


I have the same problem, software still works, but i get that annoying box. You have'nt upgraded to webes 6.1 ???

I tend to allow RSSWM to download the packages but deploy manually, as the last time it was auto, webes went pear shaped.

hope someone out there knows the resolution to this..


Chris Mitchell_4
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error browsing packages in RSSM

I've also received this error, but only over the last few days. I'd assume HP have allowed the system to update with a duplicate ID and it will be fixed soon.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Error browsing packages in RSSM

The services,, have now three instances each. RSSWM is "struggling" over the new situation.
As a momentary workaround just click that warning away and you can work with RSSWM as before.

Regards, Werner
Occasional Advisor

Re: Error browsing packages in RSSM

We have the same problem just like everyone else. Started a few days ago but like some say you can click the error and it seems to work like normal. Hope HP will have a fix soon
Peter Palsherm
Occasional Advisor

Re: Error browsing packages in RSSM

a pain in the neck. I have 9 EVA Manangement Server with RSSM installed. HP please provide a fix.