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Events not actioned by HP

David Larvin

Events not actioned by HP

Here is an odd one. I have a site with ISEE/HPSIM 5.2 and I am moving to RSP.
The site has a Windows 2003 Server with Command View 7, seperate to a Windows 2003 running HPSIM. Everything seemed to work, test events were seen and ISEE sent of to HP. All good I thought. Then the EVA had some major errors, disk failures etc and either no events were sent, or events sent and ignored.
Any thoughts on what may be missing? Maybe i should start again using RSP to start with
Roman Belsky

Re: Events not actioned by HP

- Did you input contract information for EVA (CarePack, SAID or System handle)?
- Are you sure that your EVA was succesfully entitled for remote support?
- Did your SIM create internal critical events for these cases?