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Failed to send test event from HP-UX 11iv1

Enric Roig
Occasional Visitor

Failed to send test event from HP-UX 11iv1


I'm trying to configure an rp4440, HPUX 11.11 on IRSA.

I can send test events from the server, but they are not received by HPSIM (neither by OSEM).

I think that the WBEM subscription is well done:

#cimsub -ls | grep -e HPSIM -e HPWEBES root/cimv2 root/cimv2:HPSIM_simuscep_0 root/cimv2:CIM_IndicationHandler CIMXML.HPSIM_simuscep Enabled root/cimv2 root/cimv2:HPSIM_simuscep_1 root/cimv2:CIM_IndicationHandler CIMXML.HPSIM_simuscep Enabled root/cimv2 root/cimv2:HPWEBES_96.15.10.79_10_Filter_HP_AlertIndication root/cimv2:CIM_IndicationHandler CIMXML.HPWEBES_96.15.10.79_10_Handler_HP_AlertIndication Enabled

((simuscep is the HPSIM server, with IP

All my HP-UX 11.23 are working correctly on IRSA. This is the test server HP-UX 11.11 and I don't know why it doesn't work.. because I've done the same things..

Any ideas?

Thank you a lot in advance.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Failed to send test event from HP-UX 11iv1

Hi Enric


Can you please help me out to get the events in WBES. Can you tell are you getting the WBES events for 11.23 because i am getting events in SIM bot not in SEA (System Event Analyzer)

If it is sent by SEA then only the event will reach to HP back-end support

but sorry i don't know the answer for you question, i have not configured 11.11 on IRSA
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Failed to send test event from HP-UX 11iv1

If we talked of 11.11 we generate EMS events only. Did you check wether the events are logged in the /var/opt/resmon/log/event.log? Are the events listed in evweb eventviewer -L?
Enric Roig
Occasional Visitor

Re: Failed to send test event from HP-UX 11iv1


Have you checked the command #cimsub -ls ??
I think you should have an HPWEBES entry. Have you?
In SEA, you should have the Managed entity HP-UX without any input required (it shouldn't be orange highlighted).. maybe you need to introduce the P/N..


I can see the events in the event.log, but nothing is shown in the eventviewer:

#evweb eventviewer -L

EventNo Severity EventId Event Category Time Of Archiv Summary
======== ========= ============== ============== ============== ==============

So.. it means that the SFM cannot receive EMS events.. why?? I don't know..

EMS-Core A. EMS Core Product
SFM-CORE A.04.01.01 HPUX System Fault Management

Thank you Denker. I didn't noticed it.