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HP IRS 7.0.5 SMTP settings


HP IRS 7.0.5 SMTP settings

Just setting up IRS 7.0.5 standard.  The SMTP/email settings only allow Server, Port, and encryption.  The relay server (IIS)  I have setup requires minimally a from address and if I setup authentication it would require a password.  Is there a back door somewhere to make these settings?


If not, when will this be fixed?  email notifications will not work for me without a from address and I cannot control that.

David R. (Dru) Urbaniak
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Re: HP IRS 7.0.5 SMTP settings

IRS uses a from address. The default is


You can change the default in C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\CONFIG\hprs.xml

Just change the line: <entry key="integration.adapters.emailadapter.from"></entry> to the from addrerss you want and save it. You may need to restart the "HP Insight Remote Support" service for the setting to take effect immediatelly.





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Re: HP IRS 7.0.5 SMTP settings


    I also had setup the IRS 7.0.5. but I can't fine out the file.C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\CONFIG\hprs.xml


I need to change the default email address. because of my smtp server. please help .


Do you have another way to  change it ?




Re: HP IRS 7.0.5 SMTP settings

Rather than changing settings in the I-RS product by editting the hprs.xml file - (typo's could be introduced),
Users should use the 'rsadmin' command.


Any shell on the host device that is opened AFTER the product is installed will have rsadmin in the path.


To change this: <entry key="integration.adapters.emailadapter.from"></entry>

you would enter:


rsadmin config -set


The I-RS tool will make the change to the file.  You should not have to restart the service - but it will not hurt if you choose to do so.

I am an HPE employee.