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HP Insight Remote Support for G5, G8?


HP Insight Remote Support for G5, G8?

Hi all,


I am new here, and my first HP is the ML350 G5 series, I install it by Support Pack 8.6 etc. And it buildin have a web base management interface on the G5......


Now, my company give some budget to upgrade to G8....


And I see HP G8 what's new have a word named "HP Insight Remote Support" and it look like free. good for SME like our.


So, for me, one question.


This software are install on the HP G5/G8 Windows Server? Or it is install to any workstation like my Windows 7 to manangemt it?


Thank you very much of your time and help.



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Best Regards
Jimmy Chan

Re: HP Insight Remote Support for G5, G8?

Insight Remote Support needs to be installed on a Server, not a workstation.


G5 or G6 should be fine, but be sure to check the release notes for the supported versions of the Windows Operating Systems that are supported.

I am an HPE employee.