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HP Insight Remote Support on non-HP CMS

Muhammad Nabeel Sarwar
Occasional Visitor

HP Insight Remote Support on non-HP CMS


I was wondering if HP IRS can be installed on a non-HP CMS (Dell/IBM) and if it will work properly? I have read the release notes for IRSS and IRSA... Both require the 'CMS' to be HP ProLiant server. However, the managed devices can be non-HP servers. But is there a 'technical' reason why IRS will 'not' work on a non-HP server as CMS? Is it due to the Management Agents? Appreciate some help here!
Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Insight Remote Support on non-HP CMS

I think it's because IRS integrates into the HP System Management Homepage and uses the PHP installation that SMH provides.

The way I see it is because SIM does not provide a PHP runtime, and the IRS programmer did not like to program in Java, IRS also depends on the SMH...