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Insight Remote Support
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HP Insight Remote Support

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HP Insight Remote Support


I have a single instance of HP IRS which is fully up-to-date running alongside HP SIM. At the weekend the network scheduled task ran and seems to have gone a bit haywire - from what I can see it appeared to start looping and sending out the same discovery emails for the same set of devices again and again before the HP IRS windows service crashed. I have tried manually starting the service again and rebooting the server, but, the same thing happens. I have also tried disabling and re-enabling the scheduled task with the same result. Has anyone come across this before, know a fix for this or point me in the best direction as to how to troubleshoot this ?

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Re: HP Insight Remote Support


Sorry to hear about these problems - but it's not going to be possible to troubleshoot this via the forum, please raise a case with the HPE support team to gain assistance with this issue.

I am an HPE employee.