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HP RSA version for Server 2012

Adam Boon
Occasional Contributor

HP RSA version for Server 2012

Hi, when will a new version of the RSA come out that is capable of installing and running on Server 2012?

Occasional Advisor

Re: HP RSA version for Server 2012

Hi Adam,


HP RSA (Insight Remote Support Advanced) version 5.80 will be phased out by its successor HP Insight Remote Support version 7.x.x over the next few releases.  Currently Insight Remote Support v7.0.8 is released and offers the ability to host and monitor ProLiants running Windows Server 2012.


There are no plans to update IRSA as it is known today.  Depending on the devices in your environment you may need stay on IRSA v5.80, however, some customers find InsightRS v7.0.8 gives them what they need.


You can view release notes for v7.0.8 by clicking here.

 Note: I had to make a correction to some wording, thank you to those who caught it.  Since replying to this post a few years ago, I will take this time to mention Insight RS v7 is now at v7.6 release and v5 IRSA and IRSS are both officially EOSL as of March 1, 2016.  There is now an HPE Get Connected web portal; here you can access technical documentation, getting started info, support and additional info for Insight Remote Support.



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Re: HP RSA version for Server 2012

That is not a lot of help as I am running my SAN CMC on server 2012 now. I need the remote support today!
Windows Server 2012 has been out for over a year now.