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HP SERSP no packages displayed

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HP SERSP no packages displayed

I just finished configuring the HP Remote Support Software Manager so I can finish the installation of the SERSP on my CMS. When I open it, it pauses for a minute refreshing packages, and when it's done there are no packages displayed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. All of the connection and registration tests are successful, and there is data in the .marimba folders. The only error in the logs is in the SWM InstallationMonitor_log.txt file. "ERROR: Failed to read IseeRoot from registry. Please make sure that the ISEE client is installed and configured. Exiting..."

Any ideas?


Re: HP SERSP no packages displayed

Update this morning - I checked the RSSM, and it now displays the packages correctly. Is there a waiting period that I need to be aware of? I'd like to know since I'm putting together an internal instruction document.

Thanks - Dave
Andrew Claiborne
Valued Contributor

Re: HP SERSP no packages displayed

Hi Dave,

The RSSWM configuration downloads and installs RSP packages. The delay before the packages are visible on the packages page depends on the version of RSSWM that you're installing:

RSSWM A.05.00/5.07 (From HP SIM 5.1/5.2 and ICM300): You are directed to the packages page as soon as all RSP packages are downloaded, but it will remain blank until all RSP packages have completed *installing*. This can take a significant amount of time (>30 minutes) in some cases.

RSSWM A.05.20 (From HP SIM 5.3/ICM310): The RSSWM install wizard does not direct you to the packages page until all RSP packages have finished downloading and installing. At this point the packages page should be populated. I have seen a few instances where a single refresh was required of the packages page, but this is rare.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
-Andy Claiborne