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[HP SIM 6.0] HP Insight Remote Support Software Management Agent Lost Connectivity Alert

Danilo B
Frequent Advisor

[HP SIM 6.0] HP Insight Remote Support Software Management Agent Lost Connectivity Alert


every few days HP send us this message:

The Software Management Agent on the HP Insight Remote Support system(s) listed below have not connected to the HP Data Center for at least 3 days.
This is the only notification you will receive for this outage.
Please investigate the problem and take appropriate action.

Manual connectivity test works fine. Also the scheduled job is present and works fine resulting in a 0x0 code.

Looking in log folder P:\Program Files\HP\CM\Log i see more log files. Into the inventory log file all seems fine but this rows (proxy address hidden for posting):

NVD111111V [parse_arguments] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Sap role required [S]
NVD111111A [radconnect_init] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Request [Retrieving Service List (Secured)]
NVD111111A [radconnect_init] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Working Directory [P:\PROGRA~1\HP\CM\Lib\RSSWM\RSPS\SWMAUDIT\]
NVD000010I [radical ] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- connected to ui [\\.\Pipe\RadiaUI0]
NVD111111V [zset_communicat] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- CA File [P:\PROGRA~1\HP\CM\CACertificates\cacert.pem]
NVD000001V [zset_communicat] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Retry Limit [0] Retry Interval [0]
NVD000001V [get_proxy_addre] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Proxy address [http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8080]
NVD111111V [start_Communica] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- CONNECTING TO THE CONFIGURATION SERVER
NVD111111V [zstart_communic] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Attempting to connect to SAP [RADIA_DEFAULT]
NVD000001I [mtp_comm_log ] 03:00:14 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- [EC(011BE1F4)]: OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
NVD000001I [mtp_comm_log ] 03:00:15 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- [EC(011BE1F4)]: Verified Certificate <>
NVD111111V [zstart_communic] 03:00:15 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- SAP [RADIA_DEFAULT] No throttling
NVD000001E [mtp_comm_log ] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --! [EC(011BE1F4)]: SSL_state_string(0x13f7d28) = <23RSHA>
NVD000001E [mtp_comm_log ] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --! [EC(011BE1F4)]: SSL_state_string_long(0x13f7d28) =
NVD009307E [mtp_open ] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --! [EC(011BE1F4)]: Error in SSL_connect
NVD000001W [zstart_communic] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --? Failed to connect to [] SAP [RADIA_DEFAULT]
NVD111111V [RADCONCT ] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- RADCONCT exit status [779]
NVD111111V [RADCONCT ] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- RADCONCT [Internal error in Secure Socket Layer interface]
NVD000010A [radconnect_term] 03:00:16 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- RADCONCT Return Code [779]
NVD000010I [radical ] 03:00:17 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- End UI session message [779]
NVD000010I [radical ] 03:00:17 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Uninitialize UI
NVD000005E [radconct_cleanu] 03:00:17 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --! RADCONCT Exit code [779]
NVD000001A [close_log_file ] 03:00:17 [RADCONCT / 00000c98] SYSTEM --- Closing log file on [Thu May 13 03:00:17 2010]

Is this error related to the problem? Any other suggestion?

Thank you all for help.

Danilo B
Frequent Advisor

Re: [HP SIM 6.0] HP Insight Remote Support Software Management Agent Lost Connectivity Alert

Self Solved:

Just enabled RSMM -> Options -> Syncronization -> check every day