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HP SIM/RSP. Not all systems are in Remote Support System List

Epov Ivan
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM/RSP. Not all systems are in Remote Support System List

Installed HPSIM 5.2 and RSP A.05.10. There is a problem with "Remote Support System List" under the Entitlement tab, there are systems missing from it. I don't see MSL Tape Library, several blades(but enclosure c7000 is in this list), san switches. When I press button "Synchronize RSE", they don't appear.
What should I do to solve this problem?
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM/RSP. Not all systems are in Remote Support System List

Unfortuately not all systems are created equal, and I've had these similar problems a few months ago but they got resolved (don't know exactly how). Proliant servers seem to be correctly set automagically but more exotic stuff such as SAN switches require manual intervention. Here is a checklist.

1. Be sure that a product number is discovered for your devices (as seen in System Properties), the serial number is not enough. Especially for the Blade Chassis and Integrity servers, SIM can't find out the PN. If there isn't anything in the PN field, you'll have to enter it manually.

2. To have more success with step 1, you should try running an Identify systems on your servers (they need to have an Insight agent installed). They might have been discovered when there wasn't any agent, thus why the information is not complete.

3. Copy and paste the PN and SN in the "customer-provided serial and product number" area (or whatever it's called), no matter if they're discovered sucessfully or not. There is a weird dependency between the two, and for a system to be entitled, you sometimes have to have the numbers in both sections.

4. Be sure to put the country code in that section, too. Else RSP won't be able to entitle your server.

5. RSP is complex. Be sure to test everything using test events. Easy on Proliants, just go to the SMH and send a test SNMP event. Service events MUST be opened at HP as reported by SIM when you issue test events, or else it means that something does not work.

Good luck