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HP SIM & IRS on VM and Server

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HP SIM & IRS on VM and Server



I have 17 HP Proliant servers that I would like to monitor using HP SIM & IRS. My BIG question is I would like to install HP SIM on a Virtual Machine and monitor the 17 servers. BUT I would like to Run HP iRS from an HP Physical Server. The reason we want to do this is because we trust the VM cluster more than a physical box to monitor 17 critical servers.  Do you guys have any documentation that can lead me to do this? Do you guys see any issues with this?  Please help I would really appreciate it.


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Re: HP SIM & IRS on VM and Server

There are two types of IRS available:

IRS Stamdard, the solution for a small number of managed devices and basically remote device monitoring.

It cannot be installed on a system where HP-SIM is running on it. Service incidents can be submittet into SIM via SNMP traps.

IRS Advanced, works together with HP-SIM and it offers additional services like remote entitlement check. IRS Advanced expects a running SIM.


IRS can also be installed on a virtual instance.

More detailed information you'll find in the IRS release notes and it's documentation on

Regards, Werner

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Re: HP SIM & IRS on VM and Server

Thank you for providing this great information. Yet our company needs to have IRS advanced due to the fact we might expand and move to HP shop. We need to install SIM on a VM and IRSA in physical box. Without installing any managment agents on the VM. If anybody else has done this or has any ideas please comment.
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Re: HP SIM & IRS on VM and Server



Sorry, but there is no way to install IRSA in a server without HPSIM.
The only viable solution for your request is install IRSS in the physical server and keep you HPSIM in the virtual server.