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HP insight remote support migration

Jack Nguyen
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HP insight remote support migration

I need some assistant with this dilema we have a system to monitored our EVA 6100 along with 3 ESX host running on Proliant DL380 G5 series, a dedicate Proliant DL350 G5 current host and maintance all notification, if there such a failures occur. HP will notify us...

Recently we have getting notification regarding about Web-based enterprise services suite for Windows v5.2 patch (Build 101)is going to run out. As later spoken to HP technician that somehow another service call HP ISEE will be fade out and that HP will no longer support this service. And which we have been direct and advise to migrate to HP insight remote support suite.

With all the problem above, we decided to reformatted this server reinstall Windows 2003 r2 standard sp2 O/S, along with Vmware virtual centre 2.5 with HP software suite.

What up to date sofware is required to install in order for our Prolaint server and EVA 6100 to continue to work?

Currently all ESX host; has been installed/configure with agent to report back to the HOST server.

And is it easy to setup this again, how long would it's take. Or would advisable to pay for HP technician to come out and performed this task.

We have service agreeement with all of the above items

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. As there is too many management software on HP which I don't know where to look or do re-search...

Thanks in advanced Jack
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Re: HP insight remote support migration

Hi Jack,
Depending on the number of managed devices and the services you want to use, you can chosse between IRS Standard and IRS Advanced.
You'll get IRSA when you install the IRS kit onto the same system where HP-SIM is running. All already configured devices in HP-SIM can then send service incidents, as soon as IRS is registered.
EVAs: On the server where CV is running only ELMC_WCCproxy and MC3 is necessary to install. All the other necessary tools are running on the IRS server. If you're running several CommandView servers for example, only the WEBES running on the IRS server is necessary.

The current versions of IRS do not run on virtual machines.
IRS Advanced loves to have 4GB or more physical memory (highly recommended).

To migrate from ISEE to IRS it may be helpful to have support from a HP representative. If you've to pay something has to be discussed with HP.

hope this helps a little bit...
Regards, Werner