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HP sim (IRSA) cannot reach all HP adresses

Steffen Hall
Occasional Contributor

HP sim (IRSA) cannot reach all HP adresses

Hi! I found a post from 2009 stating the ip-adresses IRSA uses to communicate with HP.

I have found the following :

My server can only connect to two of them. This has worked perfectly for a long time; but I cannot find any reason for this to be an issue with my network.

using telnet "ip-address port"; allows connection to & .
The others will not connect (using port 443). traceroute states that all of them stops at an IP-address starting with 12.122.***.***; a google search of this ip-address leads me to somewhere in the middle of Kansas.

I would really appreciate some help regarding this, because I cannot find any errors with my firewalls, all of these addresses have been opened in my firewall. Rebooting the hp sim server does not help either.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Steffen Hall

Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP sim (IRSA) cannot reach all HP adresses

1. Verify address This address uses SSL communications. You can verify connectivity to this address using telnet. It does not expose a web page so you may not use a browser. a. If a web proxy is not used, from a command line, enter: telnet 443 You will see a connection established and this confirms the connectivity. This may be useful to verify the customer's firewall setting if a firewall configuration was required. b. If a web proxy is used, you need to run the RSSWM agent initialization, which performs a comprehensive connectivity check.

2. Verify address a. From the CMS itself, use Internet Explorer with the same proxy configuration as defined for the RSSWM Agent b. Browse to the URL of the SWM server This will return a page confirming connectivity. Connecting to this page also verifies the customer's firewall settings if applicable.

IMPORTANT: If you are not able to connect to the address with a web browser, the Software Management data center may still be accessible via the address. The address provides failover for the other. It is best to run the connectivity check as part of the RSSWM agent initialization in this scenario.
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP sim (IRSA) cannot reach all HP adresses

Hi Steffen,
These IP addresses are obsolete.
The actual IRS documentation describes the current settings, availabe on

Actual addresses for:

Regards, Werner