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HPSIM5.3 RSP5.20 NEW install = RunTime C++ errors


HPSIM5.3 RSP5.20 NEW install = RunTime C++ errors

Installed a fresh HPSIM 5.3 and RSP 5.20, BUT the customer was installing from a network drive. Cancelled the install and ran again from C: HPSIM Setup. Everything completed but the Customer is using SQL Express and his Virtual Center quit working after HPSIM install. Also he gets RunTIME C++ errors on
the system before he even logs into windows.
Installed on windows 2003 sp2
Andrew Claiborne
Valued Contributor

Re: HPSIM5.3 RSP5.20 NEW install = RunTime C++ errors

Hi Maggie,

The RSPS/RSSWM 5.20 component of HP SIM 5.3 cannot install from a networked drive. If you try, it does just return a cryptic error.

However, the installation should work without problems from a local drive.

Do be aware that RSPS does not yet officially support a CMS running on a virtual machine.

I don't know of any RSPS issues that cause the SQL Express VirtualCenter problems or the C++ errors you describe. Some RSPS components and HP SIM components do create new database instances in an existing SQL installation if they find one at installation time.

You might want to also post a question to the "Management Software and System Tools: HP Systems Insight Manager" forum to see if there is a known HP SIM 5.3 issue that could causes these problems.

Best Regards,
-Andy Claiborne

Re: HPSIM5.3 RSP5.20 NEW install = RunTime C++ errors

Thanks Andy... I am not on VM

CMS is also SMS with Virtual Centre running.

found out the Runtime C++ is becuase CMS/SMS needed the WMI port changed.

The Virtual centre had an instance in the SQL Express and wanted HPSIM to use another instance in SQL Express.. will find out over the next couple of days what mistake was made with the DB

Re: HPSIM5.3 RSP5.20 NEW install = RunTime C++ errors

answer I got:

Because CMS/SMS you install IIS.
Virtual center uses port 80 and IIS install conflicted with.