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HPUX Data Collections doesn't work

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HPUX Data Collections doesn't work

Im facing strange issue by 2 customers. I got SIM 5.3/RSP5.30 installed, monitoring is working correctly, data collections not.
When I try to open Remote Support Configurations and Services, Server Services tab, I obtain message: "Proactive services for your HP-UX servers, in support of your Mission Critical Partnership, Critical Services, Proactive 24 or Proactive Essentials support contracts, have not been configured as only some initial services are available with this release. However, if you are interested in sampling some of these new services, please contact your HP Services Account team to have these enabled.". No server listed below.

Normally I would expect message: "Server Advanced Configuration Loaded" and list of servers.
I got rs-acc on HPUX installed, SMH trusted, servers are in MCP or CS contract.
Collections was working before upgrade to RSP 5.30.

Frauke Denker_2
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Re: HPUX Data Collections doesn't work

Did you install att required applications for the ACC? Check the Software Manager. If it is not set to install automatically it might be that some components still have an old revision.
If that is ok, check the the service is running (hp unified collector) - restart it if needed.