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Hostname "Unknown"

Robert Clifford
Occasional Contributor

Hostname "Unknown"

I installed a Standard config of ISEE 3.5 on a HPUX K class server, and when i configured the client it did not pickup the Hostname. I have configured many HPUX servers with no problem. Can anybody tell me what command does ISEE run to get the system Hostname. And how i might rectify this problem? Just to add that the install completed all ok without the Hostname and I can see the Customers system through the CEUI, where it still has hostname as "unknown".
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Robert Clifford
Frank Alden Smith_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hostname "Unknown"


Not sure what the problem is, but as a start try comparing the result of uname -n with hostname. Do the values differ?

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Re: Hostname "Unknown"

Hello Robert,

Check your /etc/hosts file.

try to connect using the Ip address

replace with your IP address

Hope this help
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