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How can I check which support pack I am using?

Umesh Bhatta

How can I check which support pack I am using?

We are using HP SIM to manage our servers. Recently we got an email from HP about " HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition(ISEE) End of Life Announcement". HP suggest to use either HP Insight Remote Support Standard or HP Insight Remote Support Pack which is the replacenet of ISEE. HP also mensioned they will no longer respond to ISEE events received after October, 31st 2009.

So now I wanna check which support pack we are using now. How can I ckeck that? or How can I verify I am using ISEE? We are using Systems Insight Manager 5.3 - Windows version.

Re: How can I check which support pack I am using?

If you are using obsolete ISEE, you shoul dhave installed ISEE locally on all monjtire dservers. You can chekc this within ADD?REMOVE programs >> Instant support enterprise ditiopn

There is also ware called Wccproxy.

Latest version of ISEE was 3.9.500.24

you should remove all ISEE Installation locally and configure all servers to point via SNMP to your HP SIM
During install of HP SIM you should have confiugred RSSWM as well and find a HP icon on your desktop
RSSWM downloads all required plugins (ISEE V5, which is called Remote Support CLient) from HP website.
ISEE V5 is now responsible for sending notificatiions to HP and is a plugin of HPSIM. You should find that within HPSIM

You can also read all those things in the Setup manual of HPSIM

hope this makes things clearer