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How do I turn off GSP (MP) checking in WBEM?

Tony Williams
Regular Advisor

How do I turn off GSP (MP) checking in WBEM?

I have a Itanium server that I just installed the RSP components on (i.e. EMS, OnlineDiag, WBEM, SFM) and something is trying to query/monitor the GSP (MP) every 30 minutes. I would like to turn wahtever is doing it off, but I can't find out what it is. I turned off SFM monitoring with sfmconfig -w -e but the queries continued. I then turned off WBEM with cimserver -s and the queries stopped.

I would like to use WBEM and SFM but not have WBEM querying the GSP every 30 minutes. Does anyone know what is doing it and how to turn it off?
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How do I turn off GSP (MP) checking in WBEM?

Maybe it is the MPProvider which is part of the SFMProviderModule. There are two check with /opt/wbem/bin/cimprovider -lm SFMProviderModule|grep MP
You can delete them using:
/opt/wbem/bin/cimprovider -r -m SFMProviderModule -p MPProvider and
/opt/wbem/bin/cimprovider -r -m SFMProviderModule -p MPStatusProvider

The add the providers again it can be done by registering the SFMModule:
/opt/wbem/bin/cimmof -nroot/PG_InterOp /opt/sfm/schemas/mof/SFMProvidersR.mof
Hope this help