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How does ISEE route incidents to WFM?

H Schroeder
Occasional Visitor

How does ISEE route incidents to WFM?

I need to redirect incidents that originate in the APJ region to the Americas WFM. How does ISEE determine which WFM the case should be routed to? How do I route the incidents to the the Americas WFM? Thanks, Harry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How does ISEE route incidents to WFM?

in order for the incidents to be routed to America, during the installation of ISEE, it is important that the selected country is America or USA and not other place. this would route to Americas instead of Asia Pacific. During the testing, you have 3 regions to choose from for the connectivity test :

that's why during the setup for country or region, you are required to select from a drop down box instead of filling up the field. this is to ensure that you have selected the correct region to go for when incidents are generated by ISEE.