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How to Delete Subscriptions for HP WBEM Services

Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

How to Delete Subscriptions for HP WBEM Services


We have installed HP IRS for testing on windows server and configured the HP-UX servers. Now we have formatted the windows server becuase of this now we are getting error message in syslog as below and we know this error is coming because HP IRS server is unavailable but still how we can delete this entry from HP-UX servers.


Jun 25 07:04:49 testsrv1 cimserver[2947]: PGS10405: Failed to deliver an indication: PGS08001: CIM HTTP or HTTPS connector cannot connect to 10.X.X.X:7905. Connection failed.


I found information to delete the Subscriptions manually on this site as below,


I followed the document to delete the Subscriptions but giving error as below,


"The requested subscription could not be found."