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How to get notification of failed IRS device collections

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How to get notification of failed IRS device collections

Hello Experts 

customer is looking for a way  to get a notification when automically IRS device collections failed - does anyone have an idea how to this kind of alerting  can be scripted to save time and ensure proper IRS device communication  ? ?

thanks in advance 




Verify collections in the Insight RS Console Collections are not automatically run after discovery. HPE recommends that you manually run a collection after discovery completes in order to verify connectivity. Run the collection schedule manually on the Collection Services → Collection Schedules tab. For more information about scheduling collections, see the Insight RS Help. Verify that this collection ran successfully on the Collection Services → Basic Collection Results tab in the Insight RS Console. 1. Log on to the Insight RS Console. 2. In the main menu, select Collection Services and then click the Basic Collection Results tab. 3. Expand the Server Basic Configuration Collection section. 4. Locate the entry for your device and check the Result column. If the collection was successful, a success icon appears ( ). If it failed, an error icon appears ( )