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How to stop ISEE from reporting events

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David Bodey

How to stop ISEE from reporting events

I have a EVA 300 with a San Management Appliance III. We use to have PRS installed and found that when we were doing maintenance on the EVA (such as replacing a disk), we needed to disable reporting on PRS to avoid HP getting an event and ringing us 1 hr later. This was particularly important when working at night because no one wants to be disturbed after you have fixed a problem.

We just recently had PRS replaced by ISEE but there doesn't appear to be any easy options for disabling ISEE from sending reports.

First I tried stopping the service but found that creating a WSEA TEST event somehow caused ISEE to be restarted and send the event onto HP. I then tried stopping ISEE and disabling the service. This stopped ISEE from seeing the event. However, this is a bit of a cumbersome soultion.

Stopping WSEA is not a good solution because it will just read the event log again once restarted. We could clear the event log I suppose but would rather not.

Anybody got a better idea?
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How to stop ISEE from reporting events

Hello David,
I just asked one of our Mass Specialists and recieved the following answer:
you can switch of webes for call-logging: use a DOS-Box an do c:\DESTA ISEE OFF or c:\DESTA QSAP OFF Depends what is swiched on. After maintenace do a switch on -- c:\DESTA ISEE ON or c:\DESTA QSAP ON A nother way is using EVE (Event View EVA) in stead of WEBES. EVE has a "suspend" command, which stops logging for a short time.