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IRS 7.0.5 Bugs

Frequent Advisor

IRS 7.0.5 Bugs

I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of bugs / annoyances (as I see them anyway) etc with the current version of IRS (I'm running This is by no means an exhaustive list, just things that I've picked up on :-


Deleting a device / status warning / credential sometimes doesn't update the GUI and the deleted item remains


Deleting a device / status warning causes the entire list to refresh / reload and reset the GUI to page 1 of the device list


No ability to jump to a particular page in the Device list


Deleting a device / status warning sometimes causes the GUI to freeze when the list attempts to reload. A service restart is required to clear this.


Error messages are not very descriptive (eg Unexpected Error, Failed to start discovery etc), making troubleshooting all but impossible


No ability to bulk manage devices / status warnings / credentials / contacts. Deleting these individually can waste days!


No ability to sort or filter devices in the following screens :-
     Collection Schedules : Edit / New (the device lists)
     Device Groups : Edit / New
     Contacts : settings primary and backup contacts for devices


If you use the search box to search for a subset of named credentials and then delete a credential, the entire list refreshes and the origonal search criteria is then ignored while the search text is still in the search box. The search has to be performed again to get your origonal subset back and carry on editing.


Collection services ignore any credentials specifically set up for a device and will always use their own protocols to try and discover / collect data from a device, even if that device doesn't support it (eg ESXi using WBEM only, Windows using SNMP only, but the Server collection schedule uses WBEM, SNMP and WMI on all servers every time)


Re-discovery of a device when it is enabled will re-create any credentials it has attempted to use, even if not successfull (eg WBEM for an ESX 4.1 server that should be communicating with SNMP only and has previously had the WBEM credential deleted). The existing credentials for that device are ignored and discovery often fails because of this. This device is then automatically disabled again.


IP address of a device with multiple IP addresses : the address used seems to be random. If using HP SIM, the devices preferred address is ignored


Device sorting doesn't seem to sort by name correctly


Servers are sometimes detected as an uncontactable serial number (with full device details) while an entry will also exist as the name / IP address (contactable) but minus any details and with a catagory of 'None'. Adding some working credentials to the contactable device will then 'merge' the two records if discovery was successfull.


New devices sometimes don't get any credentials set up for them (credentials set from Administrative Settings in IRS)

Only allowed one backup contact for devices


Checking multiple checkboxes across several pages of devices and hitting the 'Refresh Warranty and Contract' data button sometimes only processes the checked devices on the page currently being viewed


All our APC UPS management cards are discovered and are automatically enabled. Disabling these only lasts an hour or so before they re-enable themselves and attempt to report back in. They then report as having a warranty expiration of the exact date / time they last reported back to HP. Why is none HP kit insisting on trying to find their HP warranty information?


When filtering the Device list using the Search field, the status of the list next to the 'Show only enabled devices' checkbox states 'There are disabled devices that are not shown because only enabled devices are currently being displayed' when this is not so, the list is just being searched



If I find any more, I'll post them here.







Re: IRS 7.0.5 Bugs

Hi Andy,

Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Would it be OK for a member of our technical team to email you directly on this?



I am an HP employee
Frequent Advisor

Re: IRS 7.0.5 Bugs

Yeah, no problems. I'll do what I can to help improve IRS :-)