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IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot

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IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot

Hi all


I have an instance of IRS 7.05 which has been working quiet happily for a month or so. A few days ago, the C:\ disk ran out of space due to some over zealous paging going on and the pagefile expanding to fill all available space.


After moving the pagefile to another disk and rebooting the server, IRS now insists that there is no connectivity and that it isn't registered with HP for remote support anymore! (both the connection and registered indicators are now red crosses).


A connectivity test, either using the hosting device setup wizard or from the administrator settings, always returns as connected successfuly, but remote support registration always fails! All I get is the rather usefull error 'Unable to register with HP'!


Anyone seen this one before?

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Re: IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot

Update : Leaving this overnight has allowed IRS to connect and re-register itself for unknown reasons. Nothing has changed on the server or network since this issue first occured.


Unfortunately, about 100 devices seem to have dissapeared from Insight Online overnight too! Possibly because of a change in the encrypted token used to register at HP?

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Re: IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot



For IRS 7.05 Min of 2 GB space in C:\ is required. When it run out of space these kind of error messages could occur.


For more assistance, I would suggest you contact IRS support team and they will be able to help you with capturing the log files and identify the exact issue.


You can contact IRS team at:


Find the option under ->Support contacts



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Re: IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot

Hi Andy, did the issue of 100 devices disappearing from Insight Online get resolved?



I am an HP employee
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Re: IRS 7.0.5 Failure After Reboot

Andy have you tried re-discovering the devices?


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