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IRS 7.0.8 - Monitored devices are not eligible

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IRS 7.0.8 - Monitored devices are not eligible

The company I work for is running 2 DL180 G6 servers with Windows 2012 DC installed.


IRS is setup on one server and is only able to monitor that server. The other server shows up in devices but when I go to enable it I am told that it is not eligible.


The host server also does not load the correct serial number or product number, even after I enter the correct details the Warranty and Contract details do not load correctly.


I have tried to install WBEM 9.4.0 on the IRS Host but that fails.


The monitored server has WBEM installed, HP System Management Homepage on that server reports all the correct information.


Any help would be great.

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Re: IRS 7.0.8 - Monitored devices are not eligible

Hello habitat3,


First, I recommend working with the Insight RS Team to help resolve your issue. Please refer to this location:  

The support team can then assess what is happening, and work to resolve the issue.
Secondly, I checked the HP Support & Drivers page for a DL180 G6.  There it does not list support for Windows 2012.  I bet, if you were to use Windows 2008 your devices will work just fine. 
Windows 2012 is a supported OS for Insight Remote Support to run on as a hosting device, however it does depend on supportability of the hardware and agents as well.
I hope this helps.
I am an HP employee!