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IRS 7.0.8 hpsim adapter

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IRS 7.0.8 hpsim adapter



I would like to use the "hpsim adapter" feature in IRS 7.0.8.

When I try to enable the hpsim adapter, I have to enter a hpsim username and password.

I can login to hpsim with the exact same usernames/passwords I am trying to use for the hpsim adapter.

I tried:

- local username (local admin at hpsim/irs server)

- domain\user



"Automatically sync new/deleted devices from HP SIM" is checked
"Automatically sync new/deleted credentials from HP SIM" is checked
"Forward service events to HP SIM" is checked
"Perform manual device synchronization" is checked.



Neither of the user/password combinations worked. I always get this error:

  Error Validating Credentials

  com.hp.uca.exceptions.UCAException: wait for adapter started HpSimAdapter failed




Does anyone know how to configure the hpsim adapter?

Occasional Advisor

Re: IRS 7.0.8 hpsim adapter



To use the SIM adapter, both SIM and InsightRS v7.x are required to be installed on the same server instance.


If you continue to have problems, I recommend logging a support case with the Insight Remote Support team by refering to this location: there is a number you can call and be place directly into the Insight Remote Support team's queue.
The support team can then assess what is happening, and work to resolve the issue.
I am an HP employee!