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IRS 7.9 - Device showing as collection failures even though successful

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Tony Martinac
Occasional Contributor

IRS 7.9 - Device showing as collection failures even though successful

I have a couple of devices that are showing as failed in the monitoring and collection section, but when I look at their history they have multiple successful collections since the last failure.  

Is there a way to clear the failure from these devices since they have good collections since the failure?


Re: IRS 7.9 - Device showing as collection failures even though successful

If I understand what you are saying, there is something you can try to clear these.  HOWEVER, each collection is intended to update that information, so let's work to clear the problem and then see if it "comes bacK" - if it does, you will most likely need to contact HPE support.

This will need to be performed on each device with an issue, sorry - not a way to do this "on a group" of devices.

Navigate to the "Devices"  page, where you see all of your devices, and the "red | green" icons.  Red means a problem.
Select the "Monitoring & Collections" tab in this display.

You now see a list of devices,  and all the red/green indicators.

Click on one of the "RED" "X" you see - which indicates a problem.  This will pop a dialog box that should contain one or more "status descriptions" - that should help you understand why it is "red" -- an example from a "red" monitoring issue:


iLO Remote Insight Board Command Language Protocol (RIBCL)


Subscription Manager






The RIBCL subscription to has failed.


1. Check that the connectivity check has passed. Without connectivity, subscriptions will not succeed. 2. Check that the credentials are still valid.


8/30/2018, 12:06:03 PM

Last Updated:

11/1/2018, 1:25:28 AM

This message is trying to inform that we could not login to the device, and to check the credentials (this is just a sample).

Press the "CLEAR" button to remove that from the system.  Note, there may be multiple messages associated with each device - depending on what the type of device is, and how many services are being delivered.   

Clear will remove the messages - so they should go to an "unknown" state - but as the system continues to perform activities, these will be populated again.  Perhaps if you have both "success" and "failure" on a device, only remove the "failure".

Let me know if this helps - as I said initially, there could be something else happening here that would require a support ticket with HPE to resolve.



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