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IRS-A v5.80 and Windows Server 2012

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IRS-A v5.80 and Windows Server 2012

Quick question....

I have SIM v7.2 Installed and working fine on Server 2012 Standard and have just installed IRS-A v5.80 but the 'phone home' component part of the install failed.

I have been given conflicting information from HP support staff as to the compatibility of v5.80 and Server 2012 so am just looking for some reliable information on if it will actually work.

It seems strange that SIM is comparable with Server 2012 as of v7.2 but the latest release of IRS-A is not.

Also where would I find IRS logs with useful information on the installation failure?

Cheers in advance.

Re: IRS-A v5.80 and Windows Server 2012

Hello NMcClintock,


HP SIM and HP insight RS versions have differing support for the Operating Systems.


HP Insight RS is only supported on/with Windows 2008 versions/varients. The supported versions are listed in the release notes under the section for the Central Management Server (CMS) pre-requisites.


It's always best to refer to the release notes for what is supported.   

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