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IRS Doubts

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IRS Doubts


I'm using IRS standard 5.45 in our company and in other clients as my company as a customer and I have some doubts:
-On trimestral reports we only could see our servers but not clients servers, it's possible to see clients servers reports as a customers?

-Is possible to make any backup of IRS configuration: protocols, syte, contacts,
provider, servers…. If it's possible, how I could do it?

-We have problems to update IRS 5.45 Standart to 5.50, always fails at WBEM 6.1. We have tried to do also an clean instalation in a new server an always fails at WBEM 6.1.

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: IRS Doubts

If you're upgrading WEBES you'll be asked to accept the backup of the WEBES data (except the incidents). All of that information will be put into C:\WEBESbackup.
To do it in advance, enter WEBES with the profilename User-adv. In managed entities there are now an Export and Import button. The same buttons you'll find also these buttons, where you can save the IRS profile information.

The WEBES 6.1 installation routine seems to have problems with Windows 2003 64bit. Some information I've found in C:\Program files (x86)\WebesLog.
Temporary workaround: Install WEBES A.05.45, then you can upgrade everything using RSSWM to A.05.50 except WEBES.

Regards, Werner
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Re: IRS Doubts

Thank you very much! Now, I could do backups :)

More doubts:
*Somebody knows if on trimestral reports we could see our servers reports and our clients servers reports?
*It's possible to authenticate (user/password) when we try to configure SMTP protocol?
*In our client we tried to remove one power supply and IRS/SEA send us a mail and works ok but in our company we did the same test but we haven't any mail, anybody knows what happens?
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Re: IRS Doubts

Anybody knows it?
Thanks in advance.