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IRS No messages for failure


IRS No messages for failure

I have install Insight Remote Standart 5.50 on Blade server bl460C WITH WINDOWS 2003. i ADD 8 wINDOWS 2003 SERVERS , 2 FIBER SWITCHWS AND 6 BLADES SERVERS ( ILO ). On the fiber switchws is attach also MSA1500 with 14 hard disks. I configure on the Windows servers and on the ILO the SNMP to point to the Hosting Server. I can collect information from all the devices. Before 10 days one of the hard disk in MSA1500 fail without IRS send any notice about this failure. Any help ????
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Re: IRS No messages for failure

Did you test your installation?
e.g. "wccproxy test" on the cmd of your IRS server

You can test your notification setup inside the system event analyzer GUI.

I would also test a test SNMP trap or test indication WBEM from the server which has the MSA1500 attached.

If you do not see the storage in the system management home page under storage you never will get a HW alarm.

If your test alarms do not pass you should also check if you have adapted your firewall/proxy setting to the instead of the former IP address.