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IRS and HP-SIM did not discover new nPars

Alan Fargusson
Occasional Contributor

IRS and HP-SIM did not discover new nPars

Is there a way to manually discover new nPars on a Superdome 2?


I have disabled all of the automatic discovery items in the General Settings for All Discoveries section. I did this because we are migrating from a rx8640 to the Superdome.  We have to rename systems during this migration.  The renaming tends to cause HP-SIM to create multiple entries for the same systems.  Deleting these duplicates has caused database corruption in HP-SIM during prior migrations.

Trusted Contributor

Re: IRS and HP-SIM did not discover new nPars

Very generally, you want to delete and clean up entries before renaming/re-using IPs, etc.  SIM is not dynamic and doesn't like when things change on the managed devices.  So long as you disabled the automated tasks (that could re-discover the old systems) you may be OK with a cleanup and new discovery.


I don't manage the older devices you mentioned, but I do have Domes.  If you are willing to delete the devices that could be duplicates, you should only need to discover the OAs on the Domes and it will go through and find most things in the enclosure, including vpars, so long as the credentials are predefined (use global credentials for anything SIM may find to save you some grief - i had to add MSAs later).  I can tell you that cleaning up a messy Dome discovery is a big pain since there are so many components. 


I'm not sure about the corruption issue.  The DB for our main CMS has been out there for a few years and it's seen a lot of changes/updates/deletions/etc.


I'd say back up your DB, try what I mentioned.  Worst case, you have to roll back and you may lose some events.


Edit: Just noticed you said IRS too - I haven't put the Domes in IRS yet so I can't say for sure what you should do there.  We are still using IRSA, the SIM-dependent module for those.