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IRS install error message

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IRS install error message


I'm installing HP Insight Remote Support
Standard version to monitor an EVA system.

During the installation I have choosen "select all"
on the pricacy settings and then the programme start "checking
secure connectivity to the HP support ccenter"
And then this error message occur.

"error running command to register wsc files and set up the scheduled tasks.
Please verify that the swm scheduled tasks have been created and that the
swm gui can be opened. See the troubleshooting guides for more information"

Any ideas?

Chris Ciapala
Trusted Contributor

Re: IRS install error message

Can you make https connection from this machine to the internet?
Exact addresses are in the manual, but I think you have to have Internet connectivity from the server, clean http as well as secured via SSL.
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Re: IRS install error message

I ran into the same problem. I tried to install Insight Remote Std. Version 5.3 onto a Storage Management Server running Windows 2008 64bit.

I already checked connection to HP; runs fine with configured proxy.
I also tried to configure winhttp proxy via netsh, also no avail.

Any ideas, anyone?
Super Advisor

Re: IRS install error message

Even if I get this error message the installation continues and seems to work fine.