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IRS monitoring for 1/8 Autoloader, MSCS and MSNLB

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IRS monitoring for 1/8 Autoloader, MSCS and MSNLB

As far I know, 1/8 autoloader is not supported, is there any reason for that? Since the autoloader can also send out SNMP trap as well... On the other note, is there any limitation with servers running MSCS and MSNLB? My assumption is that IRS is application agnostic but recently we've bitten some bullets on IRS when we're told by HP support that Citrix clusters are not supported, duh!


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Re: IRS monitoring for 1/8 Autoloader, MSCS and MSNLB

The release notes list:

• HP ESL G3 Tape Library
• HP ESL-e Tape Library
• HP EML Tape Library
• MSL8096 Tape Library
• MSL8048 Tape Library
• MSL4048 Tape Library
• MSL2024 Tape Library
• MSL G3 Tape Library

Since the current autoloader and the other MSL libraries are so similar, I would at least try to discover the device and test.

Hope this helps!

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