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IRSA: Server do not show up in "Entitlement" list

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IRSA: Server do not show up in "Entitlement" list

Dear all

Since I changed the IP address of my hp SIM 6.1 Server, newly discovered servers do not show up in the "Entitlement" list of "Remote Support Configuration and Services" page. In SIM I specified the country, site and contact. Even the serial and product ID have correctly been discovered. In SIM the Contract and Warranty Data Collection the Warranty check works fine.

Any ideas?
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Re: IRSA: Server do not show up in "Entitlement" list

I guess you have a certificate problem between remote support client and your SIM server.
The remote support client reads from time to time the managed system list from your SIM server. The SIM API with certificate credential is used. As far as I know the certificate includes also the IP address.
You can verify the RemoteSupport\logs\ if this is the error you can force the error entries with a resync in the entitlement tab of SIM.

By the way did you follow all the recommendation of IP address change in the SIM Documentation and online help troubleshooting part.