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IRSA and WBES with SAN switch

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IRSA and WBES with SAN switch

Hi all,

I need to implement the HP San swithces in IRSA and it should log a call HP automatically if any hardware failures

Right now i have integrated the EVA's it is working fine.

In my seanrio, iam using HP SIM 5.4 with WBES 5.6 (SEA)

Please help me to integrate this...
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: IRSA and WBES with SAN switch

Make sure you set up SNMP community names on your switches and the destination pointed to your SIM server.

Do the discovery on the switches and if SNMP is set up correctly the switch should be correctly identified.

After this make sure you put in the correct serial number, product id, site location and contact information in the edit systems properties page for the switch.

The switch should now show up in the entitlement tab under the options>remote support and configuration services. Check the entitlement by either using the drop down menu or using the radio button to open the entitlement page for the switch.

If the switch is correctly identified it should also show up as a managed entity within WEBES. All the information you added in SIM such as SNMP community, serial number, product ID, site and contact should have been transferred to WEBES through the WEBEM/SIM SOAP interface.

Generating a test trap is not the easiest thing to do. There is a trap utility for Cisco that does a soft reset but and theirs another tool for brocades depending on the IOS version. If you trust your configuration you could always pull the power plug for a redundant power supply. This should generate a real event to HP unfortunately but Iâ m sure you want to way of testing this. Just because SNMP protocol is listed under the management protocol in SIM it does not mean that you will receive a trap from the device. If you are sure your destination is set up correctly you should be OK.

I wish the switch folks would add a button for testing these devices. I know HP has asked brocade for this but I have not seen it as of late